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About Jikishinkai Russia, Novosibirsk

 Jikishinkai Novosibirsk Club is a branch of Jikishinkai Russia Aikido Federation.

Jikishinkai Club was founded in Moscow in 1992. It grows and going forward under the tutelage of Miyamoto Tsuruzo sihan, 8th Dan at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo in Tokyo.

The President of Jikishinkai Russia Aikido Federation is Naidov-Zhelezov Ognyan Kremenovich,  6 Dan, Shidoin. He is the chief instructor in Jikishinkai Novosibirsk Club.

In our Club we have:

  • Trainings for entry-level  (hone a skill of rolling, falling, moving and basic techniques).
  • Trainings for those who has already mastered skills and ready to continue studying.
  • There are also combined trainings to hone a skill of working with a partner of different level.
  • Trainings for children , that are taking into account special aspects of anatomy, the process of organism development. Trainings include many playing moments, coordination exercises, back limber exercises, balancing, rolls and the main basic skill of course is how to fall right, safeguarding.
  • Individual trainings for those who want to study on a high level with personal instructor, whose aim is to get ready for examination and study new techniques in details.

At the root of Aikido is effective coordination. This coordination exists not only through the trainings, but among everything that is going on in the Club: arrangement of a room, cleaning, holidays organization, holding events, seminars and etc. The members of the Club act like one organism, helping to each other. When we have a new member in our Club, he may be sure to get understanding, help and assistance in any questions. From the first sight our rules and special claims for behavior may seem strange and even too complicated, techniques may seem impossible to do. Exactly by this reason each of our members is ready to explain, to show and to support.

Jikishinkai Novosibirsk Club develops traditional style – Aikikai. In the base is technique without weapon or against weaponed partner. Working with weapon is the base of all Aikido. There are trainings with wooden sword (bokken), knife (tanto) and Jo in our Club.

Two times in a year we have educational accreditation seminars under auspices of  Naidov-Zhelezov Ognyan Kremenovich. More than this, everybody who trains in our Club have a possibility to visit seminars of other instructors of Aikido Aikikai.

We have several halls where we held our trainings. You may choose any you like, that will be more comfortable and closer to the place you live or work.

The name of the Club “Jikishinkai” has its specified meaning like: community of a right path searching..

There is nobody in the Club who can promise to find this right way for you. Everybody comes to find by its own. And in the process can get treasured knowledge and skills, that are not only concerned about physical side, but something more. We can’t promise easy way, but we can promise you will never miss!

You are welcome!

The first training is free. Call and come.

The Head of Novosibirsk branch is Kornev Vitaly 5 dan Aikikai.